Takatokwane Coal Project

Walkabout’s Takatokwane thermal coal project is the largest in Botswana with an Inferred Resource of 6.88 Bt.  The coal is flat lying with consistent wide seams of up to 20m thick and is amenable to the production of high volume, low cost power station coal feed‐stocks.

Takatokwane is located 195km from the Botswana capital, Gaborone, in the southern belt of the Central Kalahari Sub-Basin and is directly accessible by a well maintained bitumen road.

The Takatokwane Coal project consists of three licences and is managed by Walkabout.


Takatokwane has a thermal coal JORC(2004) Inferred resource of 6.88 billion tonnes of raw coal, and a washed coal resource of 3.6 billion tonnes as announced in August 2012.

This resource was partly upgraded to a JORC(2004) Indicated resource in April 2013 with 748 million tonnes of raw coal and 318 million tonnes of washed coal (density 1.7),  estimated within a target mining area.

Pre-Feasibility Study

A Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) was initiated in early 2013 investigating development opportunities for the JORC(2004) Indicated resources and was finalised in December 2016. Further work on developing the financial and technical model is ongoing.

Currently the Project is waiting on developments of the Trans Kalahari Rail Line by the Governments of Botswana and Namibia to provide a supply service to a seaborne port.