Lindi Jumbo Graphite Project

Lindi Graphite project lies in the Paleoproterozoic Usagaran Belt (~1877 Ma) located in the eastern side of the Tanzania craton. The regional geology comprises undifferentiated metasediments, graphite gneisses and schists, Quartzites, amphibole and biotite gneisses. Also small ultrabasic rocks are intrusive into metasediments.  Pegmatites, marbles and limestones have also been noted in the region.

The eastern part of the Usagaran Belt is remobilized by the Neoproterozoic Pan African Orogeny forming the Mozambique Belt with lithological, structural and metallurgical characteristics similar to that of the Usagaran - Ubendian Belt. The Usagaran Belt is overlain by karoo Supergroup terignoclastic sediments, which occupy structural basins (down faulted blocks) over large parts of eastern and southern Tanzania that are relatively unexplored.

Field traverse work was conducted during the month of November, 2014. The work included reconnaissance geological mapping, relocating graphitic bearing rocks and pits that were located during previous reconnaissance mapping as well as sampling the graphitic bearing units. This exercise was carried out using handheld GPS. Structural readings were collected from the existing outcrop concurrent with reconnaissance geological mapping with the aim of defining the structural trend.


Rock chip sampling

A total of 30 (LN14_019 to LN14_049) rock samples were collected from the property during this field work and have been prepared to be sent to laboratory for graphite analysis. In addition, one utramafic and one quartz vein material were sampled. 

The grab and dig samples across large outcrop areas and pits on three of the four licences covered a strike distance of some 25km and returned TGC grades up to 43.8% TGC. The highest grades were on the tenement located nearest to the Nachu Graphite Project (PL9992/2014) some 75km to the west of the coastal town of Lindi.

Of eleven samples from PL9992/2014, six (54%) yielded grades above 7.5% TGC. Seven samples from PL9993/2014, 20km further to the east ranged up to 36.8% TGC with four samples (57%) returning grades above 7.5% and three samples (43%) returning grades in excess of 16%.

Eight samples were drawn from PL 9994/2014, a further 5km to the east and 5km to the north and these ranged between 6.1% and 19.3% TGC with four (50%) samples grading above 7.5% TGC. Interesting vanadium results were obtained and these will be followed up during exploration.

Walkabout intends to fast track the exploration at Lindi Jumbo to validate the deposit, graphite grade, concentrate product grade and flake size distribution. These results will enable the introduction of an end-user market partner which will secure product off-take and clarify operational right-sizing. The initial on-site works will include a brief ground based EM survey to delineate drill targets prior to a shallow drill program intended to identify high grade, large flake sectors of the deposit suited to surface mining. A strong correlation between high conductive zones and grade has been reported.     




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